5K Celebration

Confidence through

Each season comes to an end with a celebratory 5K. This closing event gives program participants of all abilities a tangible sense of accomplishment. Crossing the finish line instills confidence through completion and is a joyful moment program participants always remember! Everyone in our program receives a commemorative medal to celebrate this incredible achievement.

5K Celebration

Confidence through

5K Event Details

Superstar Spring 2024 5k
Sunday, May 5th 2024

Location: Mare Island



9 a.m. Participants, Familys, and Community Members arrival 

10 a.m. - Girls on the Run 5K Begins


Registration Type Price
Full Registration $40
Financial Assitance Registration  $15

NOTE: Program participants and coaches have already been registered for the 5K and DO NOT need to register.

Let this information guide you for the big event! 

  • Please ensure you arrive at least 1 hour prior to the event to warm up and ensure everyone in your group is checked in at registration.

Volunteers help ensure our end of season 5K celebration is possible. Interested in volunteering at our upcoming 5K event? Fill out our volunteer form today! 

We need volunteers for the following activities to ensure our event is a success! 

SET-UP!  (10-15 people)

  • Volunteers to help set the stage for a fun, safe & inspirational day! Tote & set up tents, tables, school signs & chairs! Arrive at 6:00 a.m. for some coffee too! 2 to 4 hours, depending on your availability


  • Volunteers will help with processing registrations and sharing the GOTR spirit. Arrival time is 7:30 a.m. Time commitment is 1 - to 1 & 1/2 hr. This is best for volunteers over 18 years of age.


  • Volunteers will help with directing families and participants to parking. Time of arrival 7:00 a.m. Time commitment is 2 hours.


  • Volunteers will hand out fruit, Z Bars, Clover Chocolate Milk and water for finishers. Arrival time is 8:30 a.m. with 2 hours of time needed.

COURSE SAFETY & CHEER (as many people as we can get!)

  • Volunteers will share the joyful, fun and uplifting spirit of GOTR on the course while directing the participants. Time of arrival is 8:30 a.m. Time commitment is 2 hours.

WATER STATION & CHEER (2-3 people)

  • Volunteers will keep the participants hydrated and uplifting spirit of GOTR at water stations. Time of arrival is 8:30 a.m. Time commitment is 2 hours.

MEDALS (4-5 people)

  • Share your congratulations, the GOTR spirit and medal with all finishers under the age of 13. The finishers sense of accomplishment will be shining bright. Time of arrival 7:30 am - finished 10:30 am.

CLEAN UP (10-12 people)

  • Volunteers will help break down tents, tables, chairs, clean up the course, and help pack up our 5k bins. Arrival time 10:30. Time commitment is 2 hours.

BIKE LEAD (1 person)

  • Set the pace, and lead our participants through the 5k course! Must be 18+.


  • Walk the course after the participants have taken off. Following the last person making sure no one is left behind.


Adult 5K participant smiles while running outdoors through the city


Yes! As this is the highlight of the season, there will be face painting, water stations, happy hair stations and more! Of course, we’ll have merchandise for sale, too!

Yes! Family, friends and community members outside of our program can participate in the event, but must register.

Yes. All 5K registration forms include liability waivers.

Absolutely! Every registered participant who completes the 5K will receive a medal.

The course for a 5K is 3.1 miles. 

As a reminder, this is a fun, celebratory event for our participants and not a competitive race. While our fastest 5K participants will complete the course in 25 minutes, most cross the finish line in 40-60 minutes. Everyone who participates is encouraged to walk, roll, push, run or skip at their happy pace!

Yes! This is encouraged! This is a great way to accomplish a goal together. 

First, we understand that life happens, and circumstance might make it impossible to attend.


We strongly encourage that all participants attend and complete the 5K, as it is the goal that teams are preparing for all season long! It’s the ultimate opportunity to build confidence through accomplishment. Remember, this is the first 5K event for many – including coaches, participants, friends and family members. We are in it together!

Yes. Girls on the Run 5K events are for everyone! All participants can walk, run, push or roll safely and at their own happy pace. Designated parking spots are available.

A Running Buddy is an individual designated by the council or by the parent/guardian to complete the 5K alongside a program participant during the 5K event, for the entire duration of the course.

For safety reasons, every participant must wear a race bib (provided by the council). Our council ensures every participant has a running buddy, and only critical 5K volunteers have access to confidential information.

To ensure every participant crosses the finish line, we monitor the course and conduct head counts. Our council has a safety plan in place, which trains staff and volunteers on how to respond during an emergency or incident.

Yes! Our Council is selling merchandise to support our program! Be sure to look for our merchandise booth/tent to commemorate this memorable event.

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